How To Trap A Rat? – [Complete Detailed Information]

Trapping a rat is a difficult thing but not impossible. Rats can be a problem at home or in its surrounding. This rodent species are very clever and you are not able to observe their presence at home until you find some damage, dirty food, and carry diseases. And something bigger than that. But at that time it is very difficult to kill the rats because of their ratio.

So, there are many ways/traps to kill them on the spot because the traps are much more effective. What are the signs of the presence of rats and how to find rats at home? This is the question mostly asked for. We will discuss some points that will give you awareness about the presence of rats.

How To Find The Rats To Trap?

The First step to finding the rats at home is to find a place of living. Because this species is not visible during the day but most active at night. But it is easy for us to see the signs of their presence signs of rat presence are.

  • Noises in the dark, such as itching sound from the garret
  • Holes around the yard or near buildings
  • The smell of Dead bodies of rat
  • Seen rats roaming around
  • Dropping of food near pets food or around any trashing areas
  • Evidence of chewed wire and wood
  • Chewed fruits in trees
  • Blotch symbols and rodent hairs along the path and near food

Now, if we are succeeded to find the presence of rats then we should think about getting rid of rats. But how?  In this article, we will tell you about types of traps that are very effective to kill rats.

Effective Traps Types To Catch The Rats:

rat trap

1. Rat Traps:

Traps are very easy to use and inexpensive ways to kill rats. When we used any trap to kill rats needs to be inspected on daily basis. Because if some rat is killed by trap it will because of bad smell and diseases. Traps must be used in those places you have seen any sign of the presence of rats.

The Traps Which We Used Are The Following:

Snap Rat Trap:

Snap traps are rat-size wooden or plastic Traps which is a very effective means of capturing, killing, and very cheap.  When we use a snap trap to kill rats be sure of using a larger trap for rat control. Small mouse traps are not able to kill rats and only be able to injure this rodent species.

Live Rat Trap:

Live traps are the trap which is used to capture the rat. Investigate the place and place bait in it when rats go inside the trap to eat the bait and then not be able to go out because of the mechanism of the trap. This trap must need to be inspected on daily basis and emptied. Once the rat is captured it will be humanely killed or released where it won’t reenter home and harm others.

Glue Board Trap:

Glue boards are much more effective as compared to the other traps. When we placed a glue board trap the large rodents can pull themselves out of it and be free to go. Large rodent rats can easily drag them with the bode ifs it’s not completely stuck into the glue

2. Use Rodent Baits To Catch/Kill Rats:


Bait or lure is an important factor to trap rats. Some lures are irresistible to rats and we used to place those baits on traps and kill them with different traps. Sometimes used to poison to kill a rat without using traps. Here are some rodent Baits which are mostly used.

Baiting Traps:

Some Baits which are pet food and chocolate lure and dry pet food are very attractive to rats. They can’t stop themselves when they get the smell of this food.

More food is nuts, Meat uncooked, fish, etc. these can be attached to the trap with the help of a thread or placed on the trap with wire and glue. Peanut butter and cheese are not effective for some rats. Because these baits are soft and can easily be pulled off the bait without snapping the trap.


Rodenticides are poisoned insecticides which mostly used to kill rats and mice. When the population of rats is out of control and they are creating problems this is the best way to eliminate rats. But before usage of this insecticide must read the instruction and follow them.

Get complete knowledge about the usage of pesticides. Some rodenticide baits can be bought at home but a new Regulation (EPA) has restricted these baits to selling disposable. Ready to use in a Bait station. This will help to protect children and pets from eating these Baits.

Bait Stations:

The Bait station does work properly until we use it properly and place it in the right place and locked it. Actually, the Bait station is an enclosed trap in which we laced a rodenticide Lure. It will work only when the rats enter the station to eat the Bait. The use of a Bait station is a protected measure to meet any accidental contact with children and pets.

3. Placement Of Trap And Bait:

Placement Of Trap And Bait to catch a rat.png

The most important thing rather say is the strategy of placement of traps in the right place and Bait according to the diet of rats. Two types of rats are common in every country the Roof rat and the Norway rat. They have different characteristics and are dealt with them accordingly.

Roof Rat:

These types of rats are mostly found on the roof of the building or some higher places. So, the trap whichever you are using according to the situation placed off the ground in the garret.

Norway Rat:

This type of rat is not a good climber and is mostly found on the ground and is well aware of the traps. So, we need to place traps in hidden places, along walls, in corners, etc.

Dangers Of Rats Presence In The Homes

Several people may believe that having rats in the house, offices and any other place is simply an irritation that plays on the fear of people who are illogically scared of the tiny and apparently harmless creature. The reality is that rats can carry many diseases with them in your homes. Hantaviruses are one of the diseases that can directly affect your lungs and respiratory system.

And it has been proven that many rodents, rats, and mice carry many viruses along with them. The feces and urine that they leave at your house could be dangerous for you and your family because it is the source of spreading viruses. Deer mice are also known to be a source of spreading lime diseases that they pick up in the wild. Mostly, Mice and rats’ feces spread their viruses in that area which are the source of food for them and carry much variety of viruses and diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis, and Hantaviruses.

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Though most rats and other rodents successfully find a hidden place in every home. The unhappy event of a rat bite can also cause “Rat Bite Fever”.  This fever is very dangerous and is transmitted through the bacteria in the rat’s mouth. Lastly, if you have not noticed anything rats and mice droppings throughout your home. Rodents can bring many types of parasites known to be rodent parasites into your home.

If these rats and mice get into your bed and bite you, this will be great health issues such as typhus or rat plague. Many people think that killing a rat or mouse is inhumane way and the potentially serious health issues that they wharf should convince every homeowner to invest in the best electric rat trap and get rid of this problem. Because nothing in this world is more important than your health.

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