How To Set A Victor Rat Trap? – [8 Steps With Visual Guide]

Victor rat trap is easy to set up and we use this trap indoors on a plain surface or near walls. it has two reasons, first reason is they feel safe while traveling along with a wall. The second reason is that their mustaches work for them as a sense in dark and one side of the mustache touches the wall telling them they are still on the right path. This trap is more effective than the other traps.

Steps To Set Up The Victor Rat Trap:

  1. Whenever you are handling a victor trap or catches you must have to wear gloves.
  2. You need to disable the trap from inside by shaking it before opening its tunnel. (if there is one side)
  3. Set your bait on the trap according to the situation.
  4. You need to hold a trap from the backside (victor’s side).
  5. Most important is that to avoid some type of incident you need to use to thumb to pull back a kill bar.
  6. Place your bait side of the trap inside a tunnel.
  7. Slide a trap a little bit inside a tunnel.
  8. To remove marauders from the, hold the trap over a bag or bin and pull up the kill bar so the pest drops out.

Victor trap is the best rat trap to use at home and has a great effect. Place the Best bait that contains Peanut butter, bacon, Fruit, Vegetable, and Meat (uncooked) for the rat trap. Whenever rodents try to get Bait from the Trap. the victor Rat trap (wooden snap trap and Plastic snap trap) will snatch that rat and kill it instantly.

vitor rat trap

By following the above steps you will get success to trap rats and avoid accidents with little care. Because these types of traps are known as the “Finger Breaker” traps.

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