7 Common Rat Trap Mistakes You’re Making – [Complete Details]

There are 7 common rat trap mistakes When we try to catch a rat or place a trap for them. We unintentionally made a mistake by not knowing the complete procedure of using traps and their Baits. Here are the seven Mistakes which we are making for rat traps and a simple solution to them.

To get rid of rats, we all need to place a rat trap for them and waited until the trap caught them. It is the possibility that you may not be doing it quickly and effectively.  So, we are discussing the seven mistakes we are making with the solution and strategies to avoid the mistakes.

Top 7 Common Rat Trap Mistakes

1. Keep Your Hands Off From The Bait:

When we touch the bait and place it on the trap. Rats can detect the smell of the hands because Rats are very clever and very sharp to smell. This will give them an alarm for something dangerous around them. To prevent that, Wear gloves when handling rat trap bait and setting the rat trap.

Must wear gloves while preparing food for them. It is very good to wear gloves because health is so much important and it will help you to avoid diseases after handling a trap when the trap has caught a rat.

2. Use Of Wrong Food/ Bait:

bait for ratsForget the old image of the rats or mice that like to eat cheese and Irresistible food for them we can easily trap them. The rodents are mostly nuts and pet food or seed-eaters, so the best food for rat traps and irresistible for them is peanut butter or hazelnut spread. They also like to eat chocolaty food to meet the hunger for calories. When the temperature outside falls, rats come inside and become slow down and their main focus will is on building nests.

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So, we can bait them to rat traps with materials such as yam, twine, and cotton balls. If we are using any snap trap (wooden snap rat trap and plastic snap rat trap) then tie up the food with the rat trap’s trigger with fiber to force the rat to pull or chew on the bait. And then at that moment the snap rat trap snatches the rat and kills the rodent.

3. Using Too Much Bait/Food:

When we use a large amount of food on the rat trap. Actually, we are making a chance for rats to steal some of the food from the trap and run away. So, we can avoid this situation by placing a pea-size bait on the trap and making them do some effort to steal the food, and then at the same time trap can show its work by killing the rat.

4. Expecting Immediate Result:

Rats are very clever and well aware of any changes around them. Firstly, we need to make them comfortable and win their trust by placing food on the unarmed tarp for a few days. It does not matter which trap you are using once you have noticed that rats taking food from rat traps. You know that the rat trap is in the right place where you want to kill rats and rodents will return to get the bait from the rat trap. Then it’s the best time to set the rat trap.

5. Setting The Trap In The Wrong Place:

The main mistake we are making while placing a rat trap is not knowing the right place of placing the trap. And it’s an easy mistake that everyone makes. So, don’t make that error. Because of their inherent fear of an open zone, Rats scurry around the area of rooms and walk through the walls of the room with the help of their whiskers.

rat trap

To catch the rats, place the rat trap along the wall where rats are active, and a problem for you. The food and trigger side of the rat trap should be facing the wall so that the rat will be tempted to explore them rather than walk around them. Try to place the rat trap in a concealed area, such as the back of the cabinet and behind your cooktop.

6. Using Few Rat Traps:

Rat’s population grows very fast and furiously. They can produce 6 to 7 babies in a litter or quickly as every 21 days. So, you don’t know the exact number of rats in your house. You can always think that rats are a large number. To stop the invasion of rats at home you need to place more than three traps for each rat to eliminate this problem quickly.

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The quickest and most effective strategy is to place a rat trap every two to three feet along the wall where you have seen the signs of any presence of the rodents. In the highest-trafficked area, set rat traps in pairs as close as an inch apart.

7. Start Slow To Catch Rats:

Researches and studies show that rats are caught on the first night of setting rat traps more than on the other subsequent night. So start your campaign to get rid of rats by setting rat traps wherever you see the signs of their presence. Use many rat traps and different types of rat traps or rat trap bait to be sure the opening night is an inspiring success.



These are the common mistakes we make every time before placing the rat trap for the rat. If we have placed the trap then we don’t know the best food for rats, so we can’t meet the result we want to get. There is some best food for rats that are irresistible for the rats to avoid.

there are many types of rat traps that we used to kill or catch the rats and get rid of this problem. The main thing is what to consider when choosing a rat trap and which trap is meet our requirements. By avoiding these mistakes and selecting the best rat trap you will be able to achieve a good result.

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