How To Get Rid Of Rats Without Poison? – [Complete Details]

From the last several years, Getting rid of rats with poison was a major problem but, now it’s no longer a problem to get rid of rats without poison. Here we have some solutions to kill or catch rats. Rats overpopulation is a big problem. You are not the only one who wants to get rid of this rodent problem without poison from your house, offices, etc. but not sure about that how to get rid of these species without killing them?

The use of poison to kill this rodent habitat is so easy. But indoors we have to avoid this poison because of the children and pets who are roaming around the poisoning trap which is not acceptable at all. Instead of killing, we have concluded some ways to help out those people who want to get rid of these species without using any poison or inhumane traps.

8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Rats Without Poison:

1. Use Of Traps:

Most people know that place the bait on a trap and kill rats. If we consider a snap trap, that is one of the quickest kill processes. Whenever we use a trap we should place a trap inside a box or a milk crate so that other animals such as pet dogs and cats won’t get hurt by the trap.

Some of the best bait to trap is peanut butter or chocolatey items which will attract them. We suggest you use these baits because it’s cheap, aromatic, and attractive for them. The important thing which we should ignore is the situation. If you find a rat eating from a mulberry tree in your area, the best bait is fruit jelly for them,

2. Use Of Rodent Smoke Bombs:

A rodent Smoke Bomb is the best solution to keep the rats away from your yard. If you see any holes created by rats in your zone. Most holes are made of loose soil and built at some angle. But we should keep in mind that we will not use any smoke bombs near any tree or some flammable structure. Smoke bombs are good but not as much as we consider.

rodent smoke bomb

3. Use Dry Ice:

Dry ice is a very inhume behavior, very quick and effective. When we see any burrow near your porch and zone use dry ice because it generates carbon dioxide and which uses to freeze rat and kill it.

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You should avoid the use of dry ice in enclosed human area and pets because it is very cold and damage the skin. Before the use dry ice must wear gloves to protect your own hands.

4. Recruit Owls:

Nature has its own rule and no one changes it. Some birds and Owls are natural rat murderers. We have to build houses for the birds so they can live there and will work for you.

There was an experiment that bills have a family of four owls. Ever since had my own owl houses up, I have not seen signs of the rodent rat in my zone so really, the raptors are the solution.

5. Use Of Natural Rat Repellent:

Rats are very sensitive to smell. So you may need to make a spray from strong indispensable oil and add some peppermint or even a cayenne pepper mixture. After completion of this, you need to spread this spray all around the problem area to keep them away from coming back.

rat repellent

6. Seal All Point Of Entry:

We can keep this species by investigating where they are coming from and seal those points by placing some traps. But this is not much effective because rats can chew many which we may not consider.

7. Use Onion:

Rats and mice can not tolerate the smell of onion. You just need to cut the onion and put a slice where the rodent comes. After that change this slice. The rats will not come to your place again.

8. Make Your Home Uninteresting For Rats:

If we say rats are the problem it’s wrong. Actually, an invitation for these species is the people of the home. How? Here I will tell you how we call them at home to create problems. Rats are very fond of searching for sources of food. But people who are at home are the biggest source to invite them by throwing some food anywhere without placing any protection and don’t care about the food. I already told you that rats are very sensitive to smell.


So they can smell the food and tease you with your own invitation. If we remove the source of food then they will go somewhere else to find food. So by caring of throwing food anywhere and placing it some protection. You can make your home interested for them.

So, Most people are worried about that how to trap a rat without poisoning. We discussed it in very detail above. By following these steps you can keep them away from your yards and kill them without the use of poison to keep your pets unhurt.

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