How To Get Rid Of Pack Rats? – [Complete Detailed Guide]

Before we learn how to get rid of packrats we should know what is packrats. A packrat is also known as a “woodrat”. its scientific name is Neotoma. Packrat’s appearance is like other rats with long ears, long tails, and black eyes. Their size is much longer than the other species of rats.

Steps To Getting Rid Of Pack Rats:

Cleanness Action:

Garbage should be disposed of properly and daily. First and effective rat controls begin with inhibition. Sanitary conditions should be maintained throughout the home and surroundings. Cleanness is the first step to avoiding this inhabitant at home.


When the population of pack rats, Norway Rats, and Roof rats become a problem then the most effective way to control this rodent is to seal the entry points, called exclusion. Packrats are good climber rats. Closing all points will not allow them to enter the house or building.

Trapping Of Pack Rats:

Packrats are also known as “Wooden Rats” the population of packrats can be controlled by the trap. The best bait for the packrat is Meat, Bacon, Prunes, and other dried fruits. Packrats are little fear of the new object placed in their surroundings. So, the best rat trap for packrats is the standard snap trap and the most effective for packrats.

How Can I Prevent Pack Rats Invading?


These rats are attracted by shiny objects such as spoons, mirrors, plastic wrappers, etc. We can prevent our homes by making some protective measures to make our homes uninteresting for them Also we can use some traps to kill the rodents on the spots instantly.

Here are some preventive measures if we take them on time. then we can control the invasion of any rats (Roof Rats, Norway Rats, and Pack Rats).

Prevention Tips:

  1. Check any holes or rubbing marks in a wall
  2. Look out for  small, tablet-like droppings around pets’ food
  3. Keep the food preparation zone clean and covered
  4. Close all doors and don’t open them for a long time
  5. Remove all food sources such as pets food, birds seed, etc
  6. Seal all entry points into the house or buildings
  7. Fix weather tiles around doors and windows
  8. Remove water resources outside of your homes
  9. Fix leaking soda or ice Machines
  10. Trash cans should be properly closed
  11. Clean the dumpster on a regular basis
  12. Shapely trim the vegetation around your home exterior
  13. Inspect the wires to check chew marks and gnawing
  14. Clean up all leakages and scraps immediately
  15. Repair all holes around your building even though it is a small one

I hope you understand properly to get rid of pack rats. For more information, You can read our other blogs.

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