Do Rats Make Noise When Trapped? – [Reasons Will Shock You]

Are you trying to trap rats in your home for the first time and want to know whether rats make noise when trapped? If so, keep reading, as this article does not only have answers to your question and extra information you definitely want to know.

Yes, rats make different kinds of noises when trapped, and every noise has a different meaning. Rats scream, shout, hiss, and make every possible sound.

Like many other homeowners, you must also be annoyed by rats. Besides the mess, the different noises of rats also irritate me so much. In this article, you’ll learn almost everything about the noises that rats make when trapped. So, let’s dig deep:

Do Rats Make Noise When Trapped? (Explanation)

Rats are one of the most silent haters of humans. They usually avoid humans and want us to feel that they are not even living with them. That’s why they communicate with each with the help of ultrasonic sounds that are inaudible to humans because of their high frequency.

Trapped Rat

But sometimes, they have to make noises, and one of the most common occasions is while getting trapped. Like humans, rats make every possible sound when in danger to ask others for help. Not just help but rats’ noise has a different meaning that you will learn later in the article.

Types of Noises Rats Make When Trapped And Their Meaning:

Usually, humans can hear sounds of 16 to 20,000 Hz (frequency). And God has given us the ability of rats to make ultrasonic sounds of 200 Hz to 90,000 Hz (frequency) that are mostly inaudible to humans. But rats make strange and unnatural sounds when in danger. These sounds are audible to humans.

So, if you are wondering which sound you should expect rats to make when trapped. Here is a list of noises and their meaning that rats make when trapped:

1. Huff:

It is a grumpy kind of sound rats that they make when they are annoyed or feel anything uncommon. This sound is quite similar to human noise that we make when we are in a bad mood. Rats do not just make this noise close to the trap, as this is one of the most common sounds of rats that are audible to human ears.

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If a rat makes this sound near your trap, it means that it has assessed that something is fishy there, and that’s how it wants to tell others about its feelings. In short, this sound is a sign that your trap will not work because rats have already found it strange. They will not go any closer to it.

2. Hiss:

The hissing sound of rats is not like snakes. Rats’ hissing sound is quite rare, and they don’t usually make this sound. So, if you hear any hissing noise, it means rats are going through something special. Rats make a hissing sound when they encounter a new creature or thing.

rat making hissing sound

It’s quite an aggressive sound, the sound of rats that they make in panic and anger. They might make this sound all of a sudden when they find out that they are in trouble. Rats usually make this sound to tell that they are strong enough to tackle that problem. But if your trap is strong, the rat isn’t going anywhere.

3. Sneeze:

It’s quite a typical sound that rats make when they are allergic to something. Generally, people think that sneezing sound is not related to traps. But if you have placed bait in the trap with your bare hands, rats will smell your (human) odour. And as the human odour is allergic or unpleasant for rats, they usually sneeze after smelling it.

4. Long Squeek:

There are two types of squeaking sounds that a rat makes. One is quite common and normal (short squeak). But a long squeak is rare, and rats will only make this sound in severe pain and danger. They make this sound to tell others that they need help. They always make this sound in live trapping.

Squeak is a high pitch sound that may sound like a cry, and usually, it’s extremely annoying. Rats will make this sound when killed brutally in a trap. Long squeaks travel a long distance and can be heard by humans from a good far distance. If a rat makes this sound, it means that you’ve chosen a violent trap.

5. Scream:

It’s the rarest noise a rat can make that a human can hear. The screaming noise is much like a long squeak, but the rat makes this sound with much more energy. That’s why it’s much louder and more irritating for many people.

This sound is like the last weapon of rats that they use to beg for life. Traps like glue traps are quite brutal, as you leave rats to die in agony in this kind of trap. They have nothing to do with glue but to wait for the death of help (if any). At this stage, they scream for help.

What Should You Do If Rats Make Noise When Trapped?

While setting or planning a trap, you should always keep in mind that rats also have a life, just like you.

You can do two things if rats are crying and begging for life. The first and most appropriate way is not killing rats and just eliminating them with live catching. The second is choosing a trap in which rats die in a matter of seconds.

Rat Make Noise When Trapped

Most sounds like sneezing and hiss suggest that your trap is not efficiently set. So, in these cases, you have to change the trap or way of setting the trap. You can’t give many chances to rats because with every passing day, rats will understand that they are in danger.


So now, you know the answer to this question: Do rats make noise when trapped? Yes, they make noise, but rats make many kinds of noises when trapped. And now, you also know the meaning of every noise a rat makes when trapped.

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