How To Bait A Rat Trap? – [Complete Detailed Information]

The first step in trapping a rat is to find irresistible bait for them. But the final result depends upon the situation (weather) and the trap used for it. We can control this rodent control method by placing bait on main types of traps such as snap traps, rat bait stations, and boxes. The use of bait depends on the method a person is using and the trap for the situation. Some traps killed the rat on the spot and some capture them.

The Best Baits For Rat Traps:

  • Cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Chocolaty lure
  • Uncooked meat (Fish, Chicken)
  • Nest material
  • Rodenticides, which use chemicals

Every rat trap has its own benefits and the method of using the trap depends upon the situation. it is important to sidestep any reluctance of using any trap or bait as the problem becomes worse.

Usage Of These baits On These Rat Traps:

1. Snap Rat Traps:

A snap trap is one the most simple, quick, and effective traps for rodent control. As I already told the best bait entirely depends on the circumstances. Whenever people find any rodent in their home and place a snap trap will help them to catch and kill the rodent.

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Snap trap works effectively with a variety of Baits and popular forms of rodent control. This is the oldest form of rodent control. This trap captures the rodent and kills them.

Advantages Of The Snap Rat Trap:

Tomcat Rat Snap Trap


Cheap bait can be placed on this trap such as meat, cheese, etc. use of a snap trap is simple and easy to remove the dead rodent from it. The main purpose of using bait in this trap is to trap and kill the rat in a specific location.

Specific Location:

The snap trap is easy to place where we find out the rodent. Whatever the location the effectiveness will remain the same. Snap trap does not only work to capture the rat but it also killed them in the specific location


The place of the snap trap at home is only dangerous for rats. There will be no risk of hurt to children and pets. But if we place poison bait in the trap then we will be more careful about children and pets because accidentally they will not consume it.

Using poison bait is effective but they degrade its effectiveness with time. But snap trap capture and kill instantly. Poison will take some to get affected by the rodent as compared to the snap trap. Snap trap is a reliable choice.

Disadvantages Of Using A Snap Rat Trap:

  • Need daily inspection
  • Lethal trap
  • Inhume behavior
  • Risk of breaking a child’s finger or harming a pet

2. Rat Bait Boxes:

A rat bait box looks like a small plastic box and it’s the most popular and effective way of rodent control. The rat bait box has a small hole from where the rat can enter.

These Bait stations can easily be made at home. They are simple to use and control many types of rodents. We can buy a prefilled bait station that removes the requirement of adding bait

Advantages Of Using A Rat Bait Box:

Rat Bait Boxes

Feeding Time:

If the rodent is getting bait for a very long time then it will be more effective. The rat bait station is a box and placing a baited rodent will feel safer as compared to the bait placed in the open. So it’s very easy to trap them and it’s a live trap.

Bait Stowage:

When the bait is placed in a box it will be safe from weather and pets. So the effect to attract the rodent towards baits will belong. Placing bait outside the box it will degrade its effectiveness, and require replacing bait frequently.


The box is only made for small species to enter so the bait can target the specific rodent without affecting outsider species. It is not easy to break the box for any species because it is very strong and safe to place bait in it.

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People can regularly check the trap by placing bait on it whether it is consuming or not. It is very costly and effective and has a long lifespan. In this trap, patience is the most important factor because you need to get the trust of the rat.

Disadvantages Of Rat Bait Stations:

  • Does not work if rodents have already a source of food
  • There is no guarantee
  • Rats may know to avoid this trap
  • Does not find the hole to enter
  • It’s not a killer trap
  • It’s expensive as compared to the snap trap

Best Tips To Bait The Trap:

Rats and mice are actually smart creatures and have food preferences. They have learned a lot from the traps and anything new to them. They are much curious about their surroundings, especially mice. Rats are much more clever as compared to mice and difficult to trap them. Maybe they did even not come near the trap when they found one of the rats entered the trap in search of a food source and never reappear.

Firstly, we need to place the trap without batteries or unarmed to get the trust of the rodents and place it around the rats or mice. To get a more effective result by Electric rat traps. We need to place the trap without batteries and get the trust of the rodent because it is not easy to get the trust of the rodent.

baits for rats.png

Once, they are fully dependent upon the source of food placed in the trap and enter in to trap without any hesitation then it will be the best time to turn on the electric rattrap. It might take a couple of days for rodents to get used to the new object placed around them. Rats and mice can be selective eaters. Never try to place any expiry food, spoiled, or rotten bait as this will only help you to repel the rats and mice from your traps.

If you fail to kill any rats or mice. Then try to change the best bait according to the situation such as (peanut butter, cheese, chocolaty lure, and seed). When you get noticed that the bait is getting decreased day by day then place this bait inside the traps and get your best results.

Firstly, get their trust of them by placing food and unarmed trap. Then noticed the best bait for them to use to trap them. In the end, place the best bait inside the traps and turn on the trap. An electric rat trap is the easiest way to handle and kill rats and mice.

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