Are Rats Smart Enough to Avoid Traps? – [Complete Details]

Yes, rats are smart enough to avoid traps. Are you also among those people like us who are tired of setting traps again and again for rats but in vain? If yes, you need to read this article thoroughly because rats are smart enough to avoid traps. But how and what can you do about that? Let’s find out:

Are Rats Smart Enough to Avoid Traps?

Some rumors are circulating nowadays that rats were not that intelligent in the past. And people are saying that rats of this century are so smart that they have built a super sense or power to avoid traps.

Well, A study says that we (humans) have always underestimated the intelligence of rats. They are quite suspicious and clever rodents. Rats are smart enough to avoid traps. But the good news is that it is not because of some superpower or some sixth sense; that case was nearly impossible for a common man to deal with.

Smart Rat

Rumors about the sixth sense of rats are completely wrong, but nowadays, we are also noticing that rats are way more in population than ever before, and it’s logical. Right? But rats are increasing with way more ratio than humans. But the more alarming thing is that (naturally) the fear of humans in rats is decreasing day by day, just like foxes.

How Smart Are Rats?

We have already told you that rats are way smarter than we think. The sense of security in rats is so high that they easily assess anything new. A new thing, in your case, is that ‘trap.’ Even sometimes, rats judge that their desired food is not in the right place, so they will not opt for it.

Moreover, rats usually live in the attic with a whole family. Suppose you have successfully killed one of them with a trap, but they have seen it. So, that’s where the case will become more difficult because now, rats know their family member’s killer.

Yes, rats are smart, but in most cases, we make mistakes that pay off. For example, when we set a trap wrongly and somehow rats get rid of it, they will get to know about it and will never get closer to it in the future.

Rats Vs Mice:

Before assuming anything, you should first know who you are talking about. We usually mix up rats with mice. The biggest difference between rats and mice is that a rat is way larger (in size) than a mouse. That is why most of the time, rats are difficult to get trapped.

Rats Vs Mice

A normal rat is about 6 to 10 inches in length, which is not a small size for a rodent. Many traps like standard snap, live cage, and glue traps are usually not designed to catch rodents of this big size. Moreover, the tail of a mouse is longer and thinner as compared to rats.

But this is not it. If you don’t want rats, then you must know some other points as well:

  • Mice are intelligent enough to survive. Their sense of smell and hearing makes it easier for them to avoid traps. But when it comes to rats, they are even smarter than mice.
  • Rats don’t roam around in a vast area or middle of any room or space. They travel through corners of walls and avoid humans. Their sense of avoiding predators is higher than we think. They love those places where humans don’t go or can’t go, like an attic and low ceilings.
  • Unlike mice, Different types of rats love eating different kinds of food. For a person, it’s usually difficult to decide which food item should be used in the trap. The worst part is that there are no less than 64 species of rats worldwide.

What To Do When Rats Are Not Getting Into The Trap?

Now when you know that rats are not getting into the trap and you are unable to get over them. Well, there is a possibility that you are doing something wrong or you might need a change. Here is what you can do now:

Set the Trap in the Right Place:

If you are continuously failing even after setting traps for quite a long time, you might have placed them wrongly. Rats travel closer to solid things like walls or furniture. So, you have to set the trap near a wall instead of just leaving it in the middle of the room.

Change Bait:

There is a possibility that the bait you are using is not of the rat’s interest. We usually think peanut butter or cheese will do the job but not every rat is a fan of them. So, change the food item.

Rat is Not Getting Into The Trap

Change the Trap:

There is also a possibility that rats have seen other rats dying in a trap. That’s why they will not come closer to that particular trap anymore. Changing the trap will change things for them, and they might get into it.

Get A Pet:

Cats are the best and most natural solution for getting rid of rats, as they will eat them. But if you are a fan of dogs, then bring one in because rats will be afraid of this giant creature. Rats will eventually leave your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Food Item Should I Be Using As Bait?

It’s a difficult question. As we told you, different rats love different food items, so you first need to know which rat specie is annoying you. For example, black rats are not used to eating cheese as they love plant-based food items. In comparison, brown rats eat almost everything and are used to living between humans.

Can Rats Eat The Bait Without Tripping The Trap?

Yes, but not every time. This is more common in mice as tripping traps are usually weight-based, and mice are lightweight.


Now, you know that rats are somehow smart enough to avoid traps. But you are a human and the most intelligent creature. Right? So you can quickly get rid of those destructive rodents. You just need to change some tactics.

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