Are Electronic Rat Traps Humane? – [Complete Detailed Info]

Electronic rat traps are relatively new in the market compared to other traps like snap traps and glue traps. They are mostly touted as the most humane rat traps. But are electronic rat traps really humane?

Yes and No. There can’t be a straightforward answer as, for some people, this type of trap is quite humane, while for others, it is not.

There are many options for rat traps, but if you want humane choices, you have to spend some time finding them. To find out whether electronic rat traps are specifically humane for you, you must read this thorough article to catch every part of it. So, let’s get straight into it:

What Are Electronic Rat Traps?

While talking about the most sophisticated ways of getting rid of rats and other rodents, electronic rat traps come first on the list.

The electronic trap uses a high-voltage electric shock to kill rats. An electric rat trap can even kill 40 to 50 rats in one set of fully charged batteries, which is good for bigger places like factories.

electric rat trap

Like other mouse traps, bait is used to attract rats in this death box. When a rat enters the box and proceeds towards that bait, a sensor assesses it and signals an electric current to flow. An instant high-voltage electric shock ends the business in a matter of seconds.

Electronic rat traps are like electric chairs that are used to kill prisoners in some countries. But in electric traps, the death is so quick that the rat doesn’t even have time to proceed. That’s how, unlike an electric chair, the target (rat) is instantly killed instead of slow and painful death.

Are Electronic Rat Traps Humane?

As we told you earlier, electric traps are humane for some people. In contrast, for others, it’s just another way of brutally killing rats in the name of eliminating them. It’s just a matter of perspective. So, you just have to choose which type of person you’re.

Some people just want to get rid of rats. They don’t want to kill them by any means. And they think that killing any rodents can never be humane. So, if you are one of them, you must also not choose electronic rat traps as they kill rats to eliminate.

Electronic Rat Trap

In contrast, most people feel that killing them is not an issue. But the killing process must not be painful and slow. For this kind of people, leaving rats to writhe with agony and wait for death is pure violence, just like in a glue trap. If you are one of those people and just want a way to kill and eliminate rats without agony, then electronic traps must be humane in your eyes.

So now, you must have understood how electronic rat traps are humane for some while cruel for others. If you are among the second type of people, keep reading to learn how to use this trap.

How To Use Electronic Rat Trap?

Using an electronic rat trap is not that difficult, but if you are using it for the first time, you need to be a bit conscious. Here is a step-by-step procedure for using an electronic rat trap:

Step 1:

Before anything else, you first have to insert the batteries of this trap. For that, simply remove the battery cover and then insert as many AA batteries as needed. Some traps need four batteries, while some need just three, usually depending on the size. Now, place the battery cover back.

Step 2:

Now, open the lid of the rat trap as it’s time to bait the trap using the best bait possible. For this, just find the best possible food item that contains protein in bulk. It can be anything from cheese to nuts and even peanut butter. If one bait doesn’t work, you can try another one.

In most electronic rat traps, built-in bait troughs are provided to place your chosen bait. You can find one at the back of the trap. If it’s not there in your case, you can read instructions because, mostly, instructions contain important stuff. After that, put a small amount of your bait in the bait trough.

Pro Tip: Never use your bare hands to put bait as rats can sense human smell, and then they will never come closer to the trap. For this purpose, you should use anything like Q-tip or toothpick. You can also go for gloves.

Step 3:

It’s the last and probably the most vital stage of setting any rat trap, as in this step, you’ve to place the trap in the right place. So, close the lid or cover that you opened before and find the place where you think that rats live or roam around the most.

right place to set rat trap

Rodents usually travel closer to the walls. So, place the trap vertically or lengthwise close to the wall near an opening where rats live. At last, turn the switch on and wait for your first breakthrough.

Important Note: Never use an electronic rat trap if you have kids or pets in your house. Just like rats, bait can also attract kids and pets. And we all know how dangerous a high-voltage electric shock can be. Although in recent times, companies are making electronic traps with safety features, you must never risk your kid’s or pet’s life.


Now you know the exact answer to this question: Are Electronic Rat Traps Humane? So yes, it’s humane for those who think that killing rats is not violent, but it should be done in the most humane or sophisticated way.

Moreover, you also know how to use a rat trap to eliminate rats completely from your house. Hence, the decision is yours. You have to decide whether you want to use an electronic rat trap or not, depending on your mentality and perspective.

If you’ve used this method and eliminated rats from your house, now is the time to clean the house thoroughly and make the house free from infections and diseases.

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